moneygrid introduction

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Short introduction slides into the aims and the technological basics of the moenygrid project.

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8. 9 | 8 creating a neutral money system Bridging the worlds of “human” currencies and blockchain ?

1. 1 | 8 Tools for an new economy? by lucas huber Credits to matslats and: version 2016/07/01-v2

3. 3 | 8 a “m o n e t a r y” s m a r t g r i d 1 A smart grid is an electrical grid which allows a decentralized supply and control of energy.

7. 7 | 8 m o n e y g r i d c l e a r i n g p r o c e s s In Real Time (RTC) Clearing Instances keep track of the balance of each Exchange Clearing (external) transaction are limited per user and Exchange. (Credit limits)

2. 2 | 8 I M A G I N E ! How it would be when our financial system would work as an advanced electrical smart- grid? Would money be just a kind of another form of energy? An energy that can be used to exchange goods and services and to build markets or decision making structures to organize our society? Well that’s fundamentally the vision behind moneygrid. A smart- grid for the financial system.

6. 6 | 8 m o n e y g r i d t e c h n i c a l Protocol = Interledger → Clearing network based on distributed ledgers (blockchain) Exchanges can be of different kind (here Cyclos) Clearing Frontend (Odoo)

4. 4 | 8 a m o n e t a r y s m a r t g r i d 2 Todays Community / Complementary Currencies are in the most case isolated Some are using manual clearing systems as ZART D/A/CH There are a few Barter systems and the CES Timebank network that have already implemented Real Time Clearing systems. The basic aim of moneygrid is to provide a framework for intertrading

5. 5 | 8 a m o n e t a r y s m a r t g r i d 3 moneygrid is not peer to peer. It is a hierarchic and potentially unlimited scalable network that allows to isolate and connect different type of currencies U U U U U U SC SC C C C S S S


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