Minsky, ecomomic modelling software

Amazing OpenSource tool for system dynamic models

Lucas Huber

Recently I found an amazing tool to simulate nearly any kind of currency. The tool allows in a relativly easy way - compared to comercial products as mathcad - to simulate currency system as long they are not multi-sectoral monetary models.


  • Godley table for entering financial flows

  • Graphical modelling environment

  • Export of system as LaTeX

  • Export of system as XML

  • System ODE solver


Minsky Homepage: http://www.ideaeconomics.org/minsky

Minsky on Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/minsky/

Overview of helpfull Tutorials: http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/2013/08/14/15-easy-minsky-pieces/


Look at the example files in the folder /Minsky/examples  

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