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Smart contracted money creation

How human readable Ricardian Contracts could help to create a sustainable monetary smart grid

Lucas Huber
June 2016   356views

The rise of the distributed ledger platforms

An overview of the current non blockchain type crypto platforms aka DCTP*

Lucas Huber
May 2016   2949views

Currency names puzzle

or whatever you want to call it! #interdependence

Lucas Huber
March 2016   533views

Cross Exchange transactions in CC systems

Pro and cons of clearing between mutual credit systems

Lucas Huber
November 2015   317views

Hybrid transaction engines

Combining blockchains and SQL-DB?

Lucas Huber
November 2015   769views

Minsky, ecomomic modelling software

Amazing OpenSource tool for system dynamic models

Lucas Huber
October 2015   484views

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